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Fuel poverty rises

The UK government has a legal obligation to eliminate fuel poverty by 2016. In January 2012 Consumer Focus, the UK’s statutory consumer body, reported that a quarter of all households in England and Wales had fallen into fuel poverty. This followed a year of sharp increases in energy bills.

Financial and health effects

Fuel poverty affects household budgets, with many people finding themselves in huge debt to electricity and gas suppliers. It can also have direct and indirect effects on health, as people live in cold, damp homes.

Geothermal heat provides stability

While harnessing geothermal energy will incur a high capital cost at the outset, geothermal energy has many economical advantages over traditional energy sources.

  • It is a low-cost and decentralised renewable energy solution
  • It is not vulnerable to external markets/supply issues
  • Prices for customers will remain steady throughout the lifetime of supply

Did you know?

Households in fuel poverty are defined as those who spend 10% or more of their income to get enough warmth and light. How much do you spend on yours?

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