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Investment opportunities

Geothermal energy is a very viable investment that can provide solid returns. There has been significant growth of geothermal heat systems in countries such as Germany, which has a €4 billion geothermal industry.

We want to replicate the German success in the UK and Ireland. We are looking for like-minded businesspeople to invest in our projects.

Due to the early stage of the development of the geothermal industry and our sound business model, GT Energy is in a prime position to maximise its first-mover advantage. The construction of the energy plant and distribution network in the UK will be outsourced to the industry’s most experienced contractors.

We have already entered into exclusive contracts for the UK and Ireland with leading geothermal service firms in Germany levitra. We have formed a strategic alliance with investment firm, Turquoise International.

For further information contact:

Turquoise International
2 Lambeth Hill
London, EC4V 4GG

+44 207 248 0876

website: www.turquoiseassociates.com

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